Leo Arcand is a Woodland Cree sculptor from the Alexander First Nations reserve in Northern Alberta. Leo has sketched since he was a young boy, but in 1991 he was introduced to stone carving and this became his medium of choice.

Arcand works mainly in soapstone, drawing his inspiration from his deep spirituality and keen belief that there must be a balance in all things.
“I do not produce art, nor do I create it. I discover the spirit of each stone and together we decide its’ message.”

Leo’s deep spirituality draws him into close contact with the Elders and the traditions they maintain. The drums, songs, ceremonies and the Aboriginal people’s natural affinity with Mother Earth are some of the themes reflected in his work.

When he speaks of his ambition he says, “I have a holistic outlook on life. I want to learn something everyday, to be better today than yesterday, not just as an artist, but as a person. Some day I want the young people of my community to say Leo Arcand is a good person. If I work at learning my culture, the teachings of the Elders and the spirit within me I know I will succeed.”


Leo Arcand’s Art

“Eagle” Soapstone Carving by Leo Arcand – SOLD
“Eagle” Soapstone Carving by Leo Arcand – SOLD

“Eagle” Soapstone Carving by Leo Arcand SOLD Original Soapstone Sculpture   6.5″ tall 5.5″ wide 3 lbs

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